Unsafe Housing
When two gang members fought each other and injured an innocent bystander, The Sams Law Firm collected almost $300,000 from a property owner because the owner has not been taking proper steps to keep gangs off the property.

Automobile Negligence / Multiple Vehicles $8,000,000
We won a record $8,000,000 wrongful death verdict in Gwinnett County on behalf of a woman whose husband was killed while driving to pick up their son's birthday cake. This is the largest recorded wrongful death verdict in Gwinnett County that has not been overturned on appeal.

Trucking Accident / Negligent Operation $8,000,000
A tractor-trailer paralyzed our client. We obtained a settlement on his behalf.

Employment / Constitutional Rights Violations $6,000,000
Mr. Sams represented an employee whose employer illegally used police officers to fire him and have him sign a "resignation."

Construction Arbitration / Contractor Award
In our most recent construction trial/arbitration, we represented a general contractor seeking payment of its contract balance. The owner counterclaimed for alleged overbillings and defective work. The arbitrator awarded our contract balance, plus attorney's fees and litigation expenses.

Medical Malpractice / Lack of Consent $1,250,000
We settled cases totaling $1,250,000 for several patients who were mistakenly subjected to surgeries they neither requested nor needed.

Negligence / Department of Corrections $1,000,000
We recovered $1,000,000 on behalf of a prisoner who was injured when he had a seizure and fell off of his top bunk. Prison officials had failed to follow his doctor's orders restricting him to a bottom bunk.

Trucking Negligence / Construction Site $750,000
An asphalt spray truck negligently backed over our client, injuring his pelvis. We obtained a settlement on his behalf.

Trucking Negligence / Negligent Operation $450,000
A delivery van hit our client, breaking his femur. We obtained a settlement on his behalf.

Trucking Negligence / Negligent Operation $450,000
Our client's car received a low impact hit that made her pre-existing neck condition symptomatic. The defendant questioned the damages because her car incurred less than $900 damage in the collision. The defendant ultimately paid $450,000 to resolve the case.

Medical Malpractice / Retained Objects $500,000
We settled cases totaling $500,000 for several clients who had to undergo additional surgeries to remove sponges and other surgical objects left by negligent medical providers.

Medical Malpractice / Delayed Disclosure of Test Results $775,000
A doctor delayed telling our client about a test result that indicated the possible presence of cancer.

Medical Malpractice / Botched Surgery $750,000
A surgeon damaged our client's vocal cords during a surgery. We obtained a settlement that compensated our client for her injury.