Negotiating Your Medical Expenses

AboutWhen you've suffered a serious personal injury, your time and energy should go toward recovery, not arguing with medical providers and insurance companies over who pays what. This can be extremely stressful and prevent you from focusing on your recovery. At The Sams Law Firm, we are dedicated to getting you the compensation you deserve and to making the legal process as easy as possible for you.

Getting Your Full Settlement

It's hard enough to get a fair settlement for your injuries after an accident. Complications surrounding your medical expenses can make this even harder. For example, some personal injury lawyers will charge clients a higher percentage of their eventual settlement for negotiating medical bills with the hospital and/or insurance company. At The Sams Law Firm, we believe negotiating medical expenses is simply part of the attorney's role.

Attorney Warren Sams is committed to negotiating your medical expenses to get you the best settlement possible. Negotiating with insurers and medical providers can be confusing and complicated. But at The Sams Law Firm, we do not believe that it should cost you extra.

Focus On Recovery

Don't let the stress of financial shell games hinder your ability to get back on your feet. Atlanta lawyer Warren Sams provides free initial consultations, sitting down with you to discuss the nuances of your case and any challenges that may arise in seeking compensation. You can depend on Warren to be candid about possible challenges and to help you meet these challenges head on. Having practiced law since 1990, Warren Sams has the experience, skill and tenacity to help you on the road to recovery.

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