Motorcyclists Deserve Respect On The Road

At The Sams Law Firm, we understand what it's like to ride a motorcycle in a sea of cars and trucks whose drivers aren't looking for you or don't respect your presence on the road. That's because our attorney Warren Sams is a motorcycle rider himself. At our firm, we are committed to representing motorcycle riders and their right to share the road. We know how serious a motorcycle accident can be, and we are dedicated to securing the maximum possible compensation for riders who have been hurt by someone else's negligence or inattention. To speak with Warren Sams about how our firm can help you get the assistance you need to recover from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, call 404-857-3879 or 800-620-8502 toll free to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also contact us online using our intake form.

Less Protection Can Mean Greater Injury

In a collision with a car or a truck, a motorcyclist is at a distinct disadvantage. Motorcyclists lack the protection of a larger vehicle. They can be thrown from the bike, suffer road rash or experience a crush injury if the bike rolls over and lands on them. Helmets can help prevent skull fractures, but they don't offer complete protection against all kinds of head injuries. And because motorcyclists are smaller than cars, often drivers don't see them coming until it's too late. Accidents and injuries can happen to even the most careful and defensive motorcyclists. But when an accident happens because of another driver's negligence, motorcyclists shouldn't be left holding the bill. Our firm is dedicated to securing injured motorcyclists the maximum compensation possible to help them pay for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses while they recover from their injuries. We can also help families of motorcycle riders who have died in such accidents to secure appropriate financial compensation after a senseless loss.

Work With A Lawyer Who Understands Motorcyclists

Whether you ride a Harley or a sport bike or another kind of motorcycle, we are committed to protecting your rights and serving as your advocate in the event that you get in an accident. To speak with a lawyer who is also a motorcyclist, call The Sams Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia, at 404-857-3879 or 800-620-8502 toll free. You can also write to us online. Your first consultation is free, and we work on contingency, which means you owe no lawyer fees until we win compensation for your injuries.