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AboutA church lives within four walls - and yet how those four walls are built has a lot to do with how successfully the church can operate in the long run. High church construction and finance costs can hobble even the most well-planned church, unnecessarily shifting funds away from mission-specific uses, including outreach or community programs. It is true that banks sometimes shy away from making loans to churches for fear of bad press if they have to foreclose. However, when banks charge churches greater interest rates for loans or insurance policies simply because they are a church (or a particular kind of church), this is considered "religious redlining," and it is against the law.

Atlanta churches and other charitable organizations sometimes find themselves on the receiving end of such unfair lending practices. For example:

  • A lender charging higher rates of interest to churches than other organizations
  • A lender offering a church loan at one or two points above prime
  • A church being considered a "high-risk" loan, no matter how stable the payment history has been

Unfortunately, some of these practices can be even more prevalent in minority communities, adding another layer of legal consideration.

Fairness In Church Lending

Atlanta church construction attorney Warren Sams understands that churches need to keep their construction costs down to finance their long-term mission in the community. We at The Sams Law Firm are prepared to help you identify and challenge questionable lending schemes that may prevent your church from achieving its potential viability. When you come in for your free initial consultation, attorney Warren Sams will sit down with you to provide a balanced assessment of your church's situation and give you concrete options for how to pursue a reasonable lending rate. If you are considering refinancing, we can provide a realistic appraisal of what you can expect to happen. We are sympathetic to the challenges faced by churches trying to build permanent, vibrant homes. When you need a lawyer who understands church finance and the special problems churches may face during construction, The Sams Law Firm is here to help.

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